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Blazing Saddles Trail Rides – Aireyes Inlet
Blazing Saddles

Yup, Blazing Saddles can take you on just about the best danged trail ride in the Western part of Victoria.
Yessum, we can take about just any old kind of hombre, from whipper snappers to old geezers, from first timers to bow legged bean eating cowboys. Shoot just one peep at our horses and you’ll see there’s one for everyone.

"Well cared for horses to suit total beginners to the bow legged bean eating cowboys and we are only 1 3/4hrs from Melbourne between Lorne and Anglesea "
Hot diggety, we can amble down to the beach, or we can hightail it into the Angahook – Lorne State Park and the Otway Ranges.

There’s all kinds of critters and varmints to see like Koalas and Kangaroos and Eagles, and you can bet your bridges the views from these here hills will have you shrieking like a band of bandoleros.

You’d be plum loco to miss out on such a hootin tootin good time. More →

Blazing Saddles Trail Rides

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Address: Lot 1 Bimbadeen Drv, Aireys Inlet, Victoria, 3231
Phone: +61 (03) 5289 7322
Mobile: 0418 528 647

E: [email protected]



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