Saturday 10th November

A beautiful sunny day, smooth sea, low swell but a very light breeze. After much discussion, finger testing of the wind and consulting of navels it was agreed we should go sailing, but using a modified course and race plan as proposed by Mick Heland. There would be 3 races – the first to allow testing of strategies with the fluky conditions, the second to count towards championship points, and a third to have fun.

Practice Race 1. A great start was made by the smallest and biggest in our fleet of 9 yachts. ’Ice Breaker’ first across the line chased ‘Boheme’ up what would later prove to be an extremely difficult 1st leg. ‘Interlude’ & ‘Tumbleweed’ at first appeared to be practicing how to handle this 1st leg – starboard tack up towards the reef, then port tack back to where you came from…starboard tack up towards the reef, then port tack back to where you came from!!  After a number of iterations which, in the meantime, saw the rest of the fleet eventually make the 1st mark, we realised ‘Interlude’ & ‘Tumbleweed’ were the victims of a light wind and strong tide. ‘Miss Molly’ did well to hold off a strong challenge from ‘Boheme’ and take line honours. Then came ‘Sista Mermaid’ followed by ‘Apollo Bay & District Community Bank’ who had given herself an enormous handicap at the start and did extremely well to cross the line in 4th place, with ‘Ice Breaker’ 5th – well done Morgan in your 1st solo race with the club!

Race 2: for the points. An impressive start with almost all the fleet sitting on the start line as the hooter sounded!! This time it appeared that ‘Interlude’ was going to keep ‘Boheme’ way out to the port side of the course, not allowing her to tack back. However greater boat speed saw ‘Boheme’ eventually break free and then head to the other extreme on starboard tack. Meanwhile the rest of the fleet was going back and forth in an effort to make the 1st mark, which many did – before ‘Boheme’ came charging down the 2nd leg to round them up. An exciting finish saw ‘Apollo Bay & District Community Bank’ cross the line ahead of ‘Boheme’ with ‘Sista Mermaid’, ‘April Dancer’ and ‘Miss Molly’ following close behind. ‘Icebreaker’ wasn’t far off the chase, and well done to ‘Tumbleweed’ for persevering in the fluky conditions. . The old fellows on ‘Interlude’ leisurely cruised off towards the horizon line leaving the frustrations of light wind racing behind them.

Fun Race 3. The fleet did well to handle fluky conditions, light wind and strong tide. ‘Sista Mermaid’ crossed the finish line first with ‘Miss Molly’, ‘Boheme’, ‘Apollo Bay & District Community Bank’, ‘April Dancer’ and ‘Ice Breaker’ following. ‘Tumbleweed’, who had decided to go out to sea to explore the conditions over by Cape Patton – returned after the race had finished and we noted they were holding up an empty bottle of…….????’.


Race 1:   Over The Line

Miss Molly, Boheme, Sista Mermaid, AB & D Community Bank, Ice Breaker, April Dancer.

Race 2:   Heat 3: ‘Leo DiCecco Plumbing’ Pre-Xmas Series                                    Heat 3: ‘Beach Front Motel’ & ‘Four Winds Marine’ Club Championships.

Handicap                                  Yardstick

1st AB&D Com Bank                   1st AB&D Com Bank

2nd Sista Mermaid                       2nd April Dancer

3rd April Dancer                          3rd Miss Molly

4th Boheme                                4th Sista Mermaid

5th Miss Molly                            5th Ice Breaker

6th Ice Breaker

7th Tumbleweed

Race 3:   Over The Line

Sista Mermaid, Miss Molly, Boheme, AB & D Community Bank, April Dancer, Ice Breaker.

Support your local radio. Listen to “SALTY DOG RADIO”, 10.45am or thereabouts, on Saturday morning for all things sailing on OCRFM 88.7. Proudly sponsored by “CAFE 153”.

New members are always welcome. Come along around 12pm on Saturday if you’d like to sail inApolloBay. Briefing at 12:30pm, race starts 2pm.

Thanks to our sponsors: Café 153, Apollo Bay & District Community Bank, 4 Winds Marine, Beachfront Motel and

 Life is good. Come Sailing! 


















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