Saturday 1st December

When the wind is up you will hear happy sounds emanating from the vicinity of the ABSC, and those happy chortlings could be heard loud and clear last Saturday morning. With a steady 20 knot westerly predicted this was always going to be a great day.

After a quick rev up from the Commodore and another gallant attempt at “explaining the unexplainable” (sailing rules) from Matt, the rescue boat team set off to set a starboard course.

The start for the keel boats was a sight to behold with 10 + 1 bearing down on the line, a couple of reefs in the main an indication of the conditions. Ken should have trusted his judgement which would have seen him cross within seconds of the signal, instead he played it safe and reigned her in just enough to make sure they did not incur a recall. Those gentlemen on Interlude looked calm and ready for their day, chatting happily, as they heeled over dramatically down the first leg. Mick& Paul Heland had Exodus out on her first race this year and while not the most competitive craft she was sailed beautifully by two of the most competent and affable sailors in the club. Paul did let on post race that there may have been some contention about which tack to head off on, but fear not, it was easily sorted by a bit of “brotherly discourse”. Boheme was a tad late getting over the start but once on their way headed happily toward the wrong mark, until Russell mentioned that it was a starboard course! You would think that the boat with Smithy on it would know to “watch the flags”Gary!

Miss Molly (Peter B & Matt) was, as usual, right on the mark for the dinghy start, with our intrepid, and rapidly improving, single handed sailor, Morgan, close behind and revelling in the challenging conditions. Wickens (Col & John all fuelled up with coffee we assume) just started ahead of Caroline (just give me a moment while I straighten my dislocated finger) and Tim (I’ll sail any boat in the fleet that is not tied down) on Windswept. A tussle that ensued all day long and saw them swapping positions after gear failure and Caroline’s constant, and increasingly successful, attempts to leave her boat (two hrs on a boat with Tim is a long time!).

The sailing highlight of the day was surely the closely fought tussle between the two giants of the fleet, Boheme and 10+1, keeping within arms length of each other for the entire race. Boheme just pipping her rival at the finish by 21 seconds.

The wind backed off slightly mid race but the final triangle saw it growing in intensity and challenging all racers. Miss Molly sailed a fantastic race to secure line honours ahead of Boheme and 10+1.

New members are always welcome. Come along around 12pm on Saturday if you’d like to sail. No boat or experience necessary. Briefing at 12:30pm, race starts 2pm.


Heat 6: ‘Leo DiCecco Plumbing’ Pre-Christmas Series                                             Heat 6: ‘Beach Front Motel’ and ‘Four Winds Marine’ Club Championships. Handicap                                  Yardstick

1st   10 + 1                                                               1st   Miss Molly

2nd   Miss Molly                                               2nd  Icebreaker  

3rd   Icebreaker                        3rd   Wickens

Listen to SALTY DOG RADIO around 10.45am Saturday on 88.7 OCR FM sponsored by “Café 153”.

Thanks to our sponsors: Apollo Bay & District Community Bank, Café 153, 4 Winds Marine, Beachfront Motel and

 Life is good. Come Sailing! 

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