Saturday 12th January

Give me fifteen plus knots from the WSW and well what a beautiful day for a sail. And if you can’t sail then what better place to be than in the Rescue boat watching the race unfold in the company of our esteemed commodore Peter Bourne and the cricketing legend Syd Caddy. Saturday we welcomed 3 boats from Colac. That meant 19 boats were ready to set sail but strong winds and predictions of worse, saw 2 retired gentlemen – well, retire. Nevertheless, 17 boats on the water made for an exciting race. Then gear breakage led to a dismasting just before the start. We’re down to 16 now. Thanks to David and Tom for waiting for us to get the start underway before taking a towline to their hobie cat ‘Moody Blue’.

This allowed them the rare privilege of seeing 7 keel boats (out of seven) on the start line – at the start signal! Unheard of! And what a start, a very tight bunch of sailors it was – all hoping their interpretation of the rules would prevail. And in the middle of the scrum was ‘Exodus’ – trying desperately to live up to its’ name. Then 9 ‘off the beach’ boats (out of 9) on the start line for their start signal. “What the hell is going on here” the commodore was heard to mutter, “Didn’t any tell these guys it’s Apollo Bay Sailing Club?”

With 12 different classes of boat racing it was never going to be a close finish. But within the race there were some close tussles for bragging rights. Notable battles include; ‘This Way Up’ vs. ‘Black Pearl’, ‘Black Pearl’ vs. ‘Affrodite’, ‘Affrodite’ vs. ‘Windswept’, ‘Windswept’ vs. ‘Toucan’, ‘Boheme’ vs. ‘Outsider’, ‘Outsider’ vs. ‘Ten + One’, ‘Sista Mermaid’ vs.’ Icebreaker’ vs. ‘Sam I Am’, ‘Interlude’ vs. ‘Boho’ and so on. You get the picture.

Put these ingredients together and you have the recipe for a large group of happy sailors, clustered around the sailing club awaiting the results and loudly telling anyone who’s got something resembling an ear (could be any part of the head) pointing in their general direction, about their grand efforts and clever deeds on the water. And how very entertaining it is, if you haven’t heard it all so many times before. Of course it’s particularly ho-hum if rescue boat duty has robbed you of the chance to tell your own tall tales. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to the Colac crews for making the journey, hope you had a grand day, and especially to ‘This Way Up’ who actually took yardstick honours, but being from Colac don’t appear in results.

Sailing! – come along every Saturday at 12pm.  No boat or experience necessary.  Come and try it.

Support your local radio. Listen to “SALTY DOG RADIO”, 10.45am or thereabouts, on Saturday morning for all things sailing on OCRFM 88.7. Proudly sponsored by “CAFE 153”.

Results:                                                                                                                        Heat 3: ‘J&C Marriner Earthworks’ Post-Xmas Series                                                     Heat 12: ‘Beach Front Motel’ & ‘Four Winds Marine’ Club Championships. Handicap                                  Yardstick

1st      Tumbleweed                        1st   Black Pearl

2nd     Sam I Am                            2nd   Affrodite

3rd   Outsider                              3rd   Windswept

Thanks to our sponsors: Apollo Bay & District Community Bank, Café 153, 4 Winds Marine, Beachfront Motel and

 Life is good. Come Sailing! 

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