Saturday 2 February

Saturday, as has been the case most of this season, was a great day for sailing. We had 13 boats pushed by a 10-15 knot southerly breeze mixed with some quite lumpy seas. This made it a little more difficult to set the course with a constantly moving breeze. It was all happening even before the start of the race, with an adjustment to the course being necessary due to that moving breeze. But, the rescue boat crew of managed to get it all fixed and eventually we were away. Well almost….there was a (teeny weeny) bit of confusion when the rescue boat put up the wrong flags. Instead of initiating a keel boat start sequence they signaled a dinghy start. Sorry guys…but, thanks to Ice Breaker’s skipper, Morgan, for setting us straight.
Tumbleweed had a great start and led early. Most of the fleet went out to sea, but some stayed in towards the harbour. Windswept tactically stayed in close and used this to close the gap with Tumbleweed. Soon enough Windswept, In the S@#t and Miss Molly scooted past Tumbleweed, with In the S@#t and Miss Molly gaining the ascendancy. James and Peter, sailing the flighty catamaran “In the S@#t”, flipped over at the top mark but their quick action got the boat up before the rest of the fleet caught up and sailed over the top of them.
In the S@#t ended up taking line honours, with Miss Molly and Windswept rounding out the top three. Well done to our newest boat Aphrodite (sailed by Caroline Wren and Tim Cobb) on such a fine performance!
A special note this week; for the rest of the month we are down 2 keel boats. Boheme and 10 +1 have embarked on a perilous journey toWilson’s Prom and then down toVan Diemen’s Land and back…What will they find in these strange new lands? We can’t wait to hear! And always remember….Life is good….happy sailing.

Results:                                                                                                                       Heat 6: ‘J&C Marriner Earthworks’ Post-Xmas Series                                             Heat 15: ‘Beach Front Motel’ & ‘Four Winds Marine’ Club Championships. Handicap                                  Yardstick                                                                     1st      Aphrodite                            1st   Miss Molly

2nd     Windswept                          2nd   Windswept

3rd   Tumbleweed                        3rd   Aphrodite

4th  Sam I Am                              4th  Icebreaker

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Life is good. Come Sailing! 

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