Saturday 9th February

Despite there being a number of boats/members absent resulting in a diminished fleet of only 7 boats, there was no lack of enthusiasm for the day’s sailing with a promising forecast and the crew from ‘Tumbleweed’ on duty. Bill Gross and Pete Sarda certainly didn’t disappoint by unveiling a ‘non-standard’ race course at briefing! This resulted in some ‘enthusiastic’ discussion and ‘polite’ suggestions for variations, but all eventually agreeing to the change from the standard course.

With only one keel boat in the fleet, one start saw all boats head off straight into the fresh, blustery westerly for the first circuit of the course – a ‘sausage’! Lids and Andrew on ‘Windswept’ blitzed the start and the first leg to find themselves well ahead of the fleet as they rounded the windward mark and headed back downwind to the starting mark. Not too far behind were the new ’hotties’ of the club, Tim and Caroline on ‘Affrodite’, with the crew on ‘Miss Molly’ (Matt and Bourney) tussling it out (literally) with ‘April Dancer’s’ Suzie and John.

The fresh wind and relatively flat sea made for a very competitive day where skill and tactics were more important than sheer brute force and strength. Such tactic and skill soon saw ‘Icebreaker’ (Morgan) riding the swell past ‘Sista Mermaid’ and in no time at all being more than a leg ahead of the somewhat frustrated (but of course very happy for Morgan!) crew of Anton, Ella and Kelly.

The fellows on ‘Interlude’ (John, Syd, Laurie, Bruce and Rip) had a slow start but proudly flew the flag of the only keel boat in the fleet. They had ‘Interlude’ sailing beautifully in the fresh wind and were soon enough licking at the heels of ‘Sista Mermaid’.

With the race over all too soon, everyone made their way back to the clubhouse to join in on much discussion regarding the ‘non-standard’ course! The results were in – a tie for handicap first place honours!! But wait, this is not permitted! The results had to be taken back to three decimal points giving ‘April Dancer’ first place by a mere .003 second over ‘Icebreaker’! Well done to you both and to ‘Windswept’ for line honours.

Thank you to the duty team of Bill and Pete, especially for pushing us all past our usual patterns of thinking/sailing. And many thanks to Andrew Smith for willingly filling in as ‘handicapper’ – you are doing a great job.

And always remember….Life is good….come sailing. Every Saturday, 12.30pm briefing, 2pm race start. New members welcome.

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 Results:                                                                                                                      Heat 7: ‘J&C Marriner Earthworks’ Post-Xmas Series                                                Heat 16: ‘Beach Front Motel’ & ‘Four Winds Marine’ Club Championships.        Handicap                                  Yardstick

1st      April Dancer                        1st   Windswept

2nd     Icebreaker                           2nd   Miss Molly

3rd   Windswept                          3rd   Icebreaker

4th  Affrodite                                4th   Affrodite

Thanks to our sponsors: Apollo Bay & District Community Bank, Café 153, 4 Winds Marine, Beachfront Motel and

Life is good. Come Sailing! 

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