Saturday 16th February

Sailing in light winds is really no ones idea of a great day on the water but last Saturday was spectacular for a number of reasons and some of them had nothing at all to do with results. Firstly, with a couple of the keel boats away, it was time for Mick and Paul on Exodus to show the other couple of crafty keel boat crews, Interlude and Tumbleweed, that they could actually make the keel boat start line, and not only that but cross it in first place! Must be that brotherly connection at work eh Paul?

The dingy start was unspectacular. Lids, on Windswept, was cagey enough to get a good start and that saw him rounding the top mark in pretty good time (all winds considered) and he was off on what was possibly the most frustrating hour or so of his sailing life. But if Ian thought he had sailed into some kind of twilight zone then he could have spared a thought for the others, not quite so lucky to even get around the top mark, who were left to slowly descend into a world we have all seen portrayed in the movie ‘Dead Calm’.

After what seemed like an eternity (for Matt being in such a confined space with Bourney, it actually was), four boats came within 50 mts off the first mark. And that my friends is where everything pretty much stayed, as the race (for everyone but Windswept) came to a grinding halt. Of course by this time the keel boats had all motored off, heading out to sea looking for at least something to justify unfurling their sails, leaving the dinghies flopping about like so many wounded seagulls. It was also about this time that things started to get just a little bit weird. On Miss Molly, Matt was busy up the front of the boat praying to the wind Gods, willing his boat the ten mtrs to the mark while commodore Pete was standing on the stern shouting and gibbering (some said it was the most eloquent he had ever been).

So while Ian doggedly sailed his lonely triangle, Matt decided to swim around the mark which saw the crews of the other boats all abandon ship for a frolic, with Finlay Stewart later declaring that “this was the best sail ever!”

Thanks to the keel/rescue boats for towing in the wounded gulls and to Randall and Bomba for their optimism in thinking that they “might have to shorten the course”, if only Randall… if only.

And always remember….Life is good….come sailing. Every Saturday, 12.30pm briefing, 2pm race start. New members welcome.


Heat 8: ‘J&C Marriner Earthworks’ Post-Xmas Series

Heat 17: ‘Beach Front Motel’ & ‘Four Winds Marine’ Club Championships.

Handicap                                  Yardstick

1st      Windswept                          1st   Windswept

2nd     Windswept                          2nd   Windswept

3rd   Windswept                          3rd   Windswept

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Life is good. Come Sailing!

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