Saturday 9th March

You know there are always plenty of things out on the water to amuse those on the rescue boat, and this week’s race had no lack of sailors making sure of that….

After much speculation and uncertainty about the breeze from those finicky Flying Fifteen dandies, the fleet was greeted by a rather sturdy, if at times fluky, 7 knots gusting to 12 knots of wind from the north… hang on is that northwest… wait I think it may have gone around to the east….. well, now it’s south east… just throw out the buoys and get this thing started!

The keel boat start saw ‘10+1’ and ‘Boheme’ within a hands reach of each other, and if the crew of  ‘Boheme’ had all breathed out at the same time she probably would’ve crossed the line early; it was that close! ‘Ashley’ was relishing the light breeze and as soon as Croc gets the start procedure down she will surely prove a handful for some of the smaller keelies. The ‘Tumbleweedians’ were ever so calmly and gently making their way to the start line, in their ever so calm and gentle own time.

With the first leg of the course only 800 mtrs it was assumed that the bigger boats might find it a bit tight, but ‘10 + 1’ had an absolute screamer and left ‘Boheme’ to round the mark smack in the middle of a “crush” of dinghies (yeah right!…like elephants surrounded by annoying flies, really). ‘Black Pearl’ threw up a spinnacker and then decided that it didn’t feel right. ‘Windswept’, with that solo sailing guru, Ian (yes I can hold that gib sheet between my teeth!) Leary and ‘Aphrodite’ set to fight hard for every metre between them. Just a memo for the crew on Aphrodite: the boom “is” made of much harder material than the nose of your crew members and contact between the two should be avoided at all times!

The first two triangles were sailed relatively ‘fast and furiously’ with the majority of the fleet sailing within coo-ee of each other, but with the wind disappearing rapidly, and after a number of direction changes, it was obvious that a shortened course was in order. Unfortunately for ‘Icebreaker’, ‘Sista Mermaid’, ‘Sam I Am’, ‘Tumbleweed’, ‘Orange Juice’, and ‘Ashley’ who were all left without a result after a great tussle.

But for the last point of this report I think we should go back to a few minutes before the start, when a little orange Sabre, aptly named ‘Orange Juice’ came bobbing up to the rescue boat with sails disguising the identity of the sailor at the helm. A few seconds later there was a whoop of surprise from the rescue boat crew as the boom swung across to show that she was in the capable hands of Bruce Thomas- where were you Rip?? Unfortunately, a gear malfunction forced Bruce to retire early, but congratulations Bruce it was fantastic to see the little dinghy out there. And we would just like to add that we believe the gauntlet has now been thrown down for John Marriner to show us all that he is capable of getting his little Sabre around the course! Your call John!

Thanks to the ever reliable (and chocolate providing) Syd Caddy for helping Kelly, Finlay and Anton to set and run a truly spectacular course. And as usual, no correspondence will be entered into regarding either the accuracy or validity of any part of this report as all facts were true (if unsubstantiated) at time of writing.

And always remember….Life is good….come sailing.

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Heat 3: Commodore’s Cup

Heat 20: ‘Beach Front Motel’ & ‘Four Winds Marine’ Club Championships.

Handicap                                  Yardstick

1st      Aphrodite                            1st   BlackPearl

2nd     Black Pearl                         2nd   Aphrodite

3rd   Ten Plus One                      3rd   Windswept

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Life is good. Come Sailing!  

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