Saturday 30th March

Eleven boats lined up for the start of the race last Saturday; a grey, showery day with very gusty winds. ‘Race Management’ (Lids and Tom) quickly promoted the dinghy class to start ahead of the keel boats – their first start of the season – a whole 10 minutes before the keel boats, at 13:45. This is new (hope those dinghy sailors were paying attention at briefing!), yes they were, all boats made it to the start in time and got off to a great race! Though the wind did tend to go more southerly than the northwest  the course was set in, so after the first triangle ‘Race Man’ moved the bottom mark and the wing mark to keep the contest even, and not a “follow the leader” course.

The first, “Did Not Finish” was Aphrodite, who retired with gear damage early in the 1st lap, while the remaining 10 boats kept going. Miss Molly and Boheme both handled the conditions brilliantly, passing their rivals early and pulling away from them all day by using good tactics and better boat speed. Both boats then taking line honours in their respective class. 10+1 was in front early but was soon passed and never really threatened. Black Pearl started poorly, gained the lead, then sailed to the “wrong“ mark losing all of their earlier good work to follow the fleet home.

Merit badges for good sailing on a very tough day go to Ice breaker, the Mermaid and April Dancer who all finished close together with the ‘Breaker just a few minutes in front (she sailed back to urge the Mermaids on, and of course, give them some sail tuning advice!) they finished only just in front of April Dancer who had a new crew aboard with no sailing experience! Well done Suze.

High praise, also, for Wickens, and especially her crew, who climbed half way up the mast to retrieve the rope for the kite that had come loose. They had launched the kite at the time and after sorting their spinnaker ‘issues’, they were going so fast as they passed Interlude, and with such  a huge wake, that Interlude decided to retire. Our 2nd DNF.

The only one’s so far not mentioned are the bandits on Tumbleweed, who started in the mix then fell behind and chased all day, and with Interlude retiring they were the last boat to cross the line.

So it was cheers all round for all of the sailors who ventured out, though none got wetter than the rescue boat crew! Luckily, there was a BBQ waiting for us all when we got back in.

And always remember….Life is good….come sailing.                                                      Every Saturday, 12.30pm briefing, 2pm race start.                                                            New members welcome.

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Heat 5: Commodore’s Cup                                                                                               Heat 22: ‘Beach Front Motel’ & ‘Four Winds Marine’ Club Championships.

Handicap                                  Yardstick

1st      Tumbleweed                        1st   Miss Molly

2nd     Wickens                             2nd   Black Pearl

3rd   Icebreaker                          3rd   Icebreaker

 Life is good. Come Sailing!  

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