Saturday 6th April

You know if Russell Smith is controlling the race it will be short and to the point. But even Rus was probably not expecting it to come down to only one triangle!

In light winds the start of a race can be either a fascinating or a frustrating event. And for none more so, than the larger boats in our fleet. Heading out of the harbour the wind looked quite promising, but the wind my friend is a fickle beast and can disappear in a heartbeat. With a quickly fading and increasingly erratic 10knts….8knts…..6knts of easterly the keel boats struggled to even get to the line in their designated 5 minute countdown.

The dinghies, starting 5 minutes later, were able to sneak over the line first and so started an incredible (if at times a little slow) battle to the top mark. Aphrodite, starting a little south of the pack seemed to be doing best. In a “normal” race the Flying Fifteens would have been showing a clean pair of heels from the very start, but in such challenging conditions, Morgan sailing the Laser Icebreaker and Kelly, Finlay and Anton on the Yngling Sista Mermaid were able to keep their slight advantage over some of them. And really Matt and Peter (Miss Molly) there is no (well not much) shame in that.

Bel, Ella and Ian, on the other club Yngling Bendigo Bank, somehow missed the start but as usual Ian (ever the tactician) would make sure that they made up that distance in the last leg. Another boat that made a late run to the line was Windswept (Ian, Andrew). The variable and shifting winds meant that there were spinnakers going up, spinnakers coming down and spinnakers going round and round but for all the fuss there didn’t seem to be a lot of advantage to be had.

With Rus deciding to end the race at the third mark it was a dash for the finish with all competitors enjoying the close quarters tussle right to the line. It was great to welcome back Leczek in Zappa, with her renovated keel, and Randal seemed to be enjoying a sail/ chat, as crew.

And what, I hear you ask, came of the keel boats? Well they headed happily out to sea and had a nice little sail on the horizon. John, Laurie and Rip, on Interlude, had “one of the best runs of our season” as they tucked into a good breeze and headed east.

And always remember….Life is good….come sailing.                                                                    Every Saturday, 12.30pm briefing, 2pm race start.                                                            New members welcome.

Results:                                                                                                                             Heat 6: Commodore’s Cup                                                                                                Heat 23: ‘Beach Front Motel’ & ‘Four Winds Marine’ Club Championships.

Handicap                                  Yardstick

1st      Sista Mermaid                     1st   Icebreaker

2nd     Bendigo Bank                     2nd   Miss Molly

3rd   Icebreaker                           3rd   Windswept

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Life is good. Come Sailing! 

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